Photo Friday?

21 Dec

Disclaimer…I am actually losing my mind, was just reminded that I didn’t miss Wednesday at all…posted a snow pic.  I think I need Christmas Break!!  Anyway hope you enjoy an extra post this week 🙂

Well I seemed to have missed Wednesday all together. Tuesday I was convinced it was Thursday, then yesterday hit and I was back to wondering when we had Wednesday if Friday was yesterday. Just to wake up this morning thinking finally today Wednesday is here just to remember its Friday! Does this ever happen to anyone?! Sheesh! So here on this photo Friday I’ll share my first sight this morning…


Friends, meet Diesel, he’s an awesome dog who is more of an old dog than a pup these days. We moved him in the house for cold nights this week, I think he likes the new house. And the new beds that come with it! Happy Friday everyone!!!

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  1. Goodbye to Diesel | nuttygrass - November 16, 2015

    […] He also loved wine…so he was a dog after my own heart.  And you couldn’t keep him away from tomatoes from the garden.  He was a dog that actually smiled (see photo below) when he saw you and lately slept most of his days away.  […]


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