Timber Unity Rally February 6th….See you there!!!

4 Feb

****ALERT: There are rumors going around that “Ag is exempt” from the Cap-and-Trade legislation. That is much too broad and not accurate.

The greater “Ag” is NOT exempt. They are not a “regulated entity”, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pay all the increases in energy, which is the reason why we disagree with this legislation.****

This coming Thursday, February 6th is another Timber Unity Rally at the Capitol.  This rally is bringing together everyone; loggers, truckers, farmers, ranchers, working class people, rural folks, and generally anyone against cap and trade legislation!Details can be found at www.timberunity-convoy.com.

I posted a quick video on why this effects every single Oregonian!  Check it out here…..

Hope to see you Thursday!!

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One Response to “Timber Unity Rally February 6th….See you there!!!”

  1. Rob Rash February 4, 2020 at 5:52 pm #

    Well done Brenda,
    The audacity of some of our elected officials is mind-boggling. It is very apparent that they either do not understand that they work for us, or just flat don’t care. I’ll be there Thursday along with some of my co-workers from Mid Columbia Producers as well as many of our Co-op members. Let’s fight the good fight and stand up for Oregon’s future!


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