Happy Ag Week!

This week is Ag Week and people all over the country, or at least the 3% of us who are farmers, use this week as a chance to talk about what we are up to on our farms, give you a taste of what it’s like to be a farmer, and spread the word about agriculture.

So I looked back at some old photos I thought I would share of what my life has been like not just as a farmer, but as a growing family farmer.  Growing in the sense of the next generation, new equipment, good days, and new crops.

Harvest looked a lot like this last year…I’m guessing the “busy” level will be increased a bit this year!IMG_1439

We bought a new toy for our little farm boy….it has auto steer, so he’s already driving it!IMG_1942

This one still makes me feel good….good days all around!photo(3)

And the newest crop to be added to our farm….Red cabbage for seed.


If you have any friends that are farmers, watch out this week for some good ag posts on Facebook.  I know that Oregon Women for Ag will be posting many photos as the week goes on on their page.  If you’re a farmer yourself, then take this chance to post a quick pic of what you’re doing this week.  It may sound strange that someone wants to know what you’re up to on your farm, but truly I hear time and time again how much they love seeing our way of life, and what our “regular” day looks like (if there is such a thing in farming!).

From the Eyes of a Farm Boy

The world must look so big…

from the eyes of this little farm boy. 

We have had some great dirt time for our little Hoot man!

Mom and Farmer

Sometimes worlds collide.  The life of a farmer is constant.  Things are always on your mind, the crops are always at the back of your brain.  So when you become a mom, the room for thoughts, the room for crops…I guess I could say it gets a bit smaller.  (This is just my nice way of saying that between pregnancy and becoming a mom, my brain is mostly mush! haha!)

So the other day I was having a mom day with Hoot.  We had planned to take a trip to the farm for a visit but not for farming.  So I put on my not so farm appropriate shoes, because they looked cute with my outfit and we headed out the door.


Little did I know that on my way there I would get a phone call to be asked to go walk a field to look at the grassy weeds we have growing.  Luckily I have a little farm girl in me and in the back seat were my muck boots, ready for mud.


Hoot and I got the job done, put our nice canvas shoes back on, returned the mom hat so to speak and kept on our way to the farm.  It made me stop and think about how life isn’t always so simple black and white.  You always get grey areas and with farming and being a mom it’s no different.  My life blurs constantly, like when I have to ask if I can bring Hoot to a meeting because it was scheduled on one of my mom days.  It’s the art of multitasking and I can see why mom’s through history have always been so good at it!!


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