FFA Convention 2015

I have to say that FFA State convention turned out to be a huge success this year in Silverton, Oregon!  While I wasn’t there wearing the most popular blue and gold attire, it was really fun to be involved again with an organization and event that brought back so many great memories.  And brought back a lot of friends, so many people who I haven’t seen in ages were there, mostly as ag teachers and parents of current FFA-ers.

We were able to connect with many students and talk to them about how Young farmers and ranchers creates a unique opportunity to continue with leadership after graduation.  We talked about how we have a few similar competitions, and provide  a great way to keep in touch and network with other young farmers throughout the state and nation.

20150321_092840_resized20150321_094833_resizedOur booth was very popular, probably mostly due to corn hole games and our giveaway of a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner.  That lucky guy was Kurt Norton from Enterprise FFA.  When I handed off his prize today he was so grateful, he said, “I should have bought some lottery tickets because I won my proficiency and a new Kindle…what a lucky day!”

IMG_3187We also had a good time meeting many state degree recipients and serving them up some good apps and great ice cream floats!

20150321_160322_resizedIt took the whole weekend, it was a lot of work, and it was a lot of fun.  Overall I think it all paid off and many of us walking away from convention this year not only feel hopeful for the next generation of farmers coming through the ranks, but also optimistic for a future where FFA continues to provide leaders for Oregon.

20150321_165323_resizedThanks for everyone’s help and organization this weekend….especially Kathy Hadley, Chairman of Young Farmers & Ranchers!  She worked her tail off to make this all happen!!


FFA State Convention…Refreshment Delivery

It’s only fitting that National Ag Week is wrapping up, just as Oregon state FFA convention is getting started.  The brightest young agriculturalists in the state will be competing for top state recognition this coming weekend.  So Oregon Young Farmers and Ranchers, in conjunction with Country Financial Insurance are hosting a reception to honor those at the very top, the students who will be receiving their State Degrees this year.

So it might seems strange that these are the photos I took of our trip today to drop off refreshments…considering they are high school students.

IMG_3151But no, we are not celebrating quite like you might think…if you look closely you will see something like this on the labels…

IMG_3152IMG_3153And then you add a little of this…

IMG_3149If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re having floats with a local flavor.  Thank you to Mt. Angel Brewing for some delicious pop!  And congrats Oregon FFA students…you deserve the best after all your hard work!

Happy Friday everyone!

FFA Agricultural Sales Competition

I volunteered this past weekend to help judge an FFA competition called Ag Sales.  The students have a product and they have a mock sales situation where they try to sell you the product.  To be honest I had a long night before, I was feeling very tired, and wasn’t sure I was up to spending my Saturday morning working with high school students.

But then after I got there and started to go through a few scenarios, I realized how glad I was that I took the time.  These students reminded me not only of how important FFA was to me as a student, but also how much it has helped me even to this day.  With something as easy as selling a product (or as difficult as it feels sometimes) there are so many skills you are learning along the way.  Some examples are how to talk to adults, how too work in situations where you have to think on your feet, and how to prepare before walking into a task.

A lot of the parents of high school students that I talked to during breaks mentioned that the best thing FFA has done for their kids is teach them so many good lessons that are lost in schools today.  Even something as simple as how to shake a hand, how to look people in the eye when you talk to them, and how to be respectful.

I don’t have kids in high school yet, my first is actually still incubating in my ever growing middle section, but I am glad to see that there are places in school to still find where manners are being taught.  Many times people think of FFA as just a group of people who want to farm, but the reality of what students take with them from the FFA experience is so much more than that.  In the end it comes out as a group of people who range in occupations from farmer to lawyer, from teacher to engineer, even doctor to salesman.  All walking into life with just a few more of those common skills, that at times feel as though are lost in our modern society.

I’m glad that I took the time that Saturday morning.  It was a great reminder of my good FFA experience, but also it was great to participate with students now, who in 15 years will be looking back realizing how lucky they were to have the same opportunities (all while wearing that interesting blue corduroy jacket!).



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