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Walking Fields & Changing Shoes

17 Feb

final-54final-53Out checking fields today and the cabbage was top on my list.  This stuff has seen some cold temperatures this year, but the good news is that it is looking good today!  final-51A little sparse in areas, and it has a river running through the middle of the field still, but other than that, a pretty good crop of cabbage seed should come from this field.  Fingers (always) crossed of course!final-55

I’m also not in my regular farmer attire…colored skinny jeans under my muck boots is not the usual uniform at Kirsch Family Farms.  final-52But I’m wearing a few different shoes today.  Much boots in the morning, then changing to heels to go speak on a panel for Oregon Women for Agriculture.

So another random and busy day on the farm…with my favorite, lots of shoes!  Happy Friday everyone!

Ask A Farmer at the Smithsonian

23 Jan

It was a LONG time ago that dad and I took off for a very quick (less than 36 hr) trip back to Washington DC to speak at the Smithsonian Museum for Ask a Farmer.  It was for the US Farmer and Rancher Alliance event, discussing food through history!  And here…finally I have the video from that day!

The panel was all about generational farming.  I was lucky to sit on the stage with a group of awesome farmers!  Check it out if you have time!  And feel free to share so more people can hear from some of us long time generational farmers!


9 Dec

After 5 days of dressing up, 5 days of heels, 5 days of having to look, well, not like the usual farmer. And I can’t even tell you how happy I am to be in my Tshirt  and jeans hanging with these handsome fellas!

Yay…and a snow day!!! I’ll catch up with updates on how the past wild week went later…until then I’ll be busy with my two wild men who I’ve missed!

One of which is going to turn 1 tomorrow!!!!! Davor “Auggie” is one growing boy!

Happy Friday folks!

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