The Day After Thanksgiving

…and I’m still thankful. Mostly for the dedicated guys we have working at the farm. It’s a balmy 28 degrees here this morning,

And on a day that we always give our guys a break, I asked them to please come in. We have a field of grass that gotten eaten by slugs and disappeared in a matter of days. It’s a small field of 10 acres, but lost 9 of that field to slugs.

The ground has been freezing and thawing for over a week so the soil on the top is really lose and very sticky. Except when the ground is frozen, so we are giving it a try.

So yes today I’m thankful that even while in a slight still food coma these guys are still hard workers and know I wouldn’t ask unless it really had to be done.

Stay warm and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!


The Slugs are Here

What a row in a baby grass field should look like:

What it looks like when slugs are hungry and you don’t check the field for 3 days:

So we looked and looked….

And found lots of very fat little slugs!

So that is why I was late posting today…I have been out baiting like crazy!! Happy Friday!

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