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Squash Seed Harvest 2018

24 Sep

Squash is one of my favorite crops, not only is the end product delicious, it’s also so beautiful to see all this squash!!

Just acres and acres of bright orange!!

Until the harvesters show up that is. Then the smashing, tumbling, and separating begins.

These harvesters grab the squash, tumble it around to separate the seeds from the meat, and then dump into a truck to be taken for cleaning and drying. After they are all clean and dry the seeds go to be roasted and seasoned and then show up in the snack food aisle as pumpkin seeds.

This all makes for some very ooey gooey fields afterwards. Which for some reason doesn’t seem to bother our farm kids one bit!

While squash harvest in and of itself is cool, getting to share it with our family on our family farm makes it pretty special. It gives me great pride to be standing in a field looking at something that we grew, we took care of and now are harvesting…and to be sharing all of that with the 4th generation on our farm, well…it just checks one more box on the list of “Why I Farm”.

Harvest Updates

9 Aug

It’s all over. Now we are totally bored. That is all.

Haha! Kidding!!

We have finished up the bulk of harvest, crimson clover, tall fescue and perennial ryegrass are all finished up and off to the cleaner. Just over 50% of our farm is dedicated to grass seed, so it is a huge weight off our shoulders when we finish up.

Swiss chard seed should be harvested this week. Next will be radish seed, then squash, then finally hazelnuts at the end of September.

It’s been a great summer so far. It’s been hot here, which basically amounts to lots of sweaty days in the field, a few more volunteers to drive harvesters with AC, and also awesome harvesting weather! We need the heat to cure our seed crops and make them easier to thrash (harvest), so really we aren’t complaining!!

We have also had some great visitors out in the field, which we always love.

Some good friends…

A few cousins….

A few southern friends….

And a few farmers from Canada….

And as always Hoot, Auggie and Millie who still even after some very long hot summer harvest days don’t ever want to miss a thing out in the fields.

Hoot & Auggie taking a combine ride with me.

Millie helping deliver dinner to the crew.

We have had some successes this year, some average and so far only one failure. Which is a testament to why we are so fortunate to be as diversified as we are.

So with that I’m heading back out to the field. There is still a lot of water to be turned on for the remaining crops and some orchard work before hazelnut harvest this fall. Not to mention work on next years crops that has already started. And hopefully harvest will keep chugging along, long days, short nights, and if we are lucky…good yields.

The Day the Wheels Came Off

12 Jul

We are on day three of grass seed harvest. So far things are, or at least were, going pretty smoothly. Then all the wheels came off. Or more accurately, one wheel came off…of our combine. Yeesh!

So here’s the good news….

1. It was not going down the road at 20mph.

2. It was on a corner of the field and out of the way.

3. It happened at 4:30pm, a full 30 minutes before normal business hours are closed for parts.

4. The parts that weren’t here got a red eye from the east coast and should arrive this morning.

5. The weather cooperated, we went late and with only one harvester still got the field done yesterday.

6. I had flip said combine tire over, which gave me the chance to make an excellent “farmer CrossFit” joke.

The bad news….well I think just the fact that a freaking wheel came off our combine is enough bad news!!

Onward and upward….day three here we come!

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