It’s Rodeo Time in St. Paul!

30 Jun

It’s that time of year when our small town of a little under 400 people comes alive with over 50,000 folks. They come for the show, the bulls, the cold beer, the fireworks and friends, and a hell of a good time.  Because in St. Paul, we work hard so we can play hard! 

It’s a tradition that has gone on for 82 years and as the third generation of my family to call St. Paul home, it’s hard for me to even express the pride I feel to be from this small dusty farm town. It’s really a no where place, and except one weekend a year…that’s how we like it.  I have friends that have made this their family tradition too.  And every year getting together is just a piece of what keeps this legacy alive. Because that’s how it works, we welcome you in and it tends to get under your skin, it becomes a place and a time that is hard to live without.  I hear other places celebrate the 4th of July, but it’s hard to imagine a place with more tradition and more passion for freedom than our little town of St. Paul, Oregon. 

So dust off those cowboy boots, or better yet leave the dust on; we don’t care either way! And head on out to St. Paul, where you’ll get to experience a little of the wild west, and a little (or a lot) of a wild time. 

What are some of your best rodeo traditions, stories or memories? After 82 years I know there are some great ones out there!

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Cropping Decisions and the Weather

19 Jun

The cropping rotation on our farm, which includes around 11 different crops every year, is planned about 5 years out.  We plan that far out because there are a lot of things to consider.  Examples such as, which crops can follow others, keeping the mix of crops at the right acreage amounts, assessing our risk with each crop, what we can get contracts for, overall economics, level of labor intensity, etc.

But also the weather…oh that darn weather.  When we get a year like this past one, it doesn’t just mean that we wear our muck boots and rain gear more, it means that we have cropping decisions that are made for us by Mother Nature.

This field of green beans is the perfect example.

  • Plan A: Plant to Tall Fescue.
    Didn’t get the ground worked in time due to many circumstances.  On to plan B…
  • Plan B: Plant Perennial Ryegrass.
    It started to rain in early October….it never really stopped until that planting window was well closed.  So plan C it is…
  • Plan C: Plant peas.
    This would have worked, but then we got a contract for another crop that could potentially be better economically.  And finally Plan D…
  • Plan D: Green beans were planted….phew!

This is a bit oversimplified in many respects, but I thought it was a good way to show how much we are the mercy of the weather.  Other factors absolutely come into play, but the weather is one that we just can’t control and is tough to protect yourself against because it can be so unpredictable.  So the weather, economics, cropping decisions…they all play a part in the answer to what seems like the very simple question, “How do you decide what to plant in what field?”

So now this field when I drive by, just sort of exhausts me…it’s been a long road, and one that I will see happy to be harvested.  Of course it’s so we can go ahead and try again next year, Mother Nature willing of course!

Memorial Day 2017

29 May

While we are off BBQing, camping, or doing yard work this weekend it’s easy to forget why we get to take a day to relax.  But truly, take a moment today to appreciate those who not only sacrificed, but gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. 

Home of the free, because of the brave. We thank you all!  Happy Memorial Day!

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