Hazelnut Harvest

22 Sep

So far hazelnut harvest is…well…really dusty!


But we are finding some nuts among the dirt!



Mostly I’m just really happy I have a cab!

More photos to come!

A New Addition to the Farm

19 Sep

We said goodbye last week to our John Deere tillage tractor. This 8400 has been around the farm for quite sometime and was one of my favorites to get to jump into to take to the field.

But as things go, an update was in order…meet our new green machine. A John Deere 8260R. Equipped with GPS and auto steer this is going to be a great addition to our farm.

Thanks to Pape Machinery for setting us up with a tractor we will enjoy for a few generations! And happy Friday!

Gravel Roads

15 Sep

What is it about gravel roads?  I drive the same gravel road every day to get to work. I have driven down gravel back roads to get places my whole life.  I even went out of my way to drive down them while I was pregnant and running about 6 days behind schedule!  Most days now, I drive down them now to get my little man to fall asleep.  They coat my car in dust and dirt, but they make him sleep like the baby that he is.


Until you pay for it, when you’re trying to find the bumpiest part of the road, to really make him bounce into slumber…and it works, it actually works great.  Followed by your tire light coming on, and you realize that the gravel road of dust and dirt may not always be your ally.  New tires it is for this working mom, and more gravel, bumpy, dirty drives it is for our little guy Hoot. IMG_1855

I like the pace of these back roads, life is a little bit slower as you pass by with gravel under your tires and dust flying behind you.  You can’t go a million miles an hour.  It’s the windows down during the summer, fresh air flowing in around your face, hinted with the smell of soil and freshly harvested crops, along with a sleeping baby in the backseat.  These moments have become another small piece of heaven.  I never thought I would think myself lucky to grow up on back roads, but the dust and the dirt, well it’s always been what has lead me to where I’ve always been meant to be.



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