Since We Have 2 Combines…

21 May

Since we have 2 combines we decided we better ensure we can at least run a harvest crew in the future. Which is why this big one year boy…  Is soon to be a big brother!  

Welcome baby #2 December 16, 2015 (or somewhere around there!).

It’s Green Bean Time

18 May IMG_3996-0

We are making the final preparations to our soil today to get ready to plant green beans tomorrow! It’s no small task either. 

The soil has been worked down for a few weeks.  We have applied a preplant fertilizer and will work that into the soil today. Which will also bring up some fresh dirt with good moisture to make it ideal for planting seeds. 

  And as an added benefit working the ground one more time will knock down any small weeds that have grown the past few weeks. Saving us an application of herbicide as well!


We haven’t grown green beans for a few years but it has always been one of my favorite crops. Glad that we get to add it back into our mix of crops this year!  I’ll have updates as the plants grow through the spring, this field of dirt will look very different very soon!

1 Year Ago…

15 May

One year ago today I woke up my husband at 5 am and said, “It’s time!”  It was exactly a week after the doctor said to expect the little character to come, I was more than ready.  We headed into the hospital, and were checked right into a room.  They skipped the triage area, because as the nurse told us when I was wheeled through the doors, “You’re not leaving here without a baby!” Matt responded with, “So I should have brought your stuff with us?  I thought everyone got faked out at least once with labor!”  Oh dear, my dear!


And by 2:01pm that day we heard, “It’s a boy!”  And Hoot was here on May 15, 2014.  I wish I could say that it’s been all rainbows and puppy dogs, but I’m too honest for that.  It’s been hard and stressful, it has challenged me in ways I never thought possible.  It’s made us all stretch to fit this tiny little thing into our lives.  But we did it, and one year in, I would say that I think we did it as well as we could.

I never thought I would say that such a small human was so important, but I finally “get it” now.  We love you Hoot Hammond Frketich.  We love you for living up to your name as quite the hoot!  And we love you even when you wake us up at night, we love you when you’re wild and we love you when you’re laughing.  Thank you for being such a joy to our lives!

Now enjoy the most unsuccessful photo shoot…12 months!

IMG_3909IMG_3910IMG_3914IMG_3915IMG_3916IMG_3917Happy birthday Hoot and happy photo Friday!


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