Gravel Roads

15 Sep

What is it about gravel roads?  I drive the same gravel road every day to get to work. I have driven down gravel back roads to get places my whole life.  I even went out of my way to drive down them while I was pregnant and running about 6 days behind schedule!  Most days now, I drive down them now to get my little man to fall asleep.  They coat my car in dust and dirt, but they make him sleep like the baby that he is.


Until you pay for it, when you’re trying to find the bumpiest part of the road, to really make him bounce into slumber…and it works, it actually works great.  Followed by your tire light coming on, and you realize that the gravel road of dust and dirt may not always be your ally.  New tires it is for this working mom, and more gravel, bumpy, dirty drives it is for our little guy Hoot. IMG_1855

I like the pace of these back roads, life is a little bit slower as you pass by with gravel under your tires and dust flying behind you.  You can’t go a million miles an hour.  It’s the windows down during the summer, fresh air flowing in around your face, hinted with the smell of soil and freshly harvested crops, along with a sleeping baby in the backseat.  These moments have become another small piece of heaven.  I never thought I would think myself lucky to grow up on back roads, but the dust and the dirt, well it’s always been what has lead me to where I’ve always been meant to be.


Photo Friday…Delicious!

12 Sep

Why is this my favorite shape to find butter in this time of year?
I’ll give you a hint…

It’s sweet corn time of year! YUMMY!!

Cabbage is Sprouting

29 Aug

Our cabbage that was just planted has started to push out of the ground.  We have had to keep the water going across the field because cabbage doesn’t have a lot of umph to push through any type of hard dirt.

photo 5

So with the hot weather we have been having, keeping that soil damp allows for the plant to push through easier.

photo 1

The plants are pushing through which is great, but along with the crop comes the pests. Flea beetle to be exact.

photo 3photo 4
You can see that they have already started to chew on some if the leaves. So we are out spraying this morning to get them under control.

Hopefully they will keep on a growing, we need the cabbage to be fairly large heading into winter! This is just one example of how you can always find something to take care of on a farm. These plants will grow and produce for you, but you have to take care if them and nurture them to make it all work out. All while knowing that sometimes no matter how hard you work, Mother Nature still has the final say on if the end result will really work out.

Happy Friday and hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!!


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