Before and After a Little Moisture

2 Oct

Hazelnut harvest is always a harvest that is either super muddy or super dusty…there is no middle ground, usually. Except when we started last week, it has rained a little and there was just enough moisture in the soil to keep the dust down but not make anything muddy. 

Here is the difference, this photo is the start of the day when the moisture was perfect…

And here is later in the day when the ground was all dried out again…

Trusts me, dust is always better than mud during nut harvest, but wow it was sure nice to enjoy some “perfect” harvesting conditions of only for a few hours!

Happy Friday! Stay tuned for some harvest videos and photos on Monday!

Hazelnut Harvest 2015

28 Sep IMG_4713-1

We have reached the final crop to harvest on our farm for 2015!!! Hazelnuts (filberts) have been falling from the trees for weeks now and we have headed out to pick them up off the ground.   

Unlike some other nuts, filberts fall naturally from the trees, no shaking needed. We then use a sweeper machine to put them into rows, a harvester to pick up the rows and totes to move them to the truck to transport them to the processor. 

  We grow a lot of crops for seed on our farm, so it’s always fun to have a crop you can harvest and have a snack or two while you’re driving through the field! 

I have some good videos of harvest that I will post next week and explain the actual process a bit more. Until then keep eating those hazelnuts, we have more coming down the line!

Photo Friday…Country Roads

25 Sep



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