Getting back in the Field

9 Feb img_5634-2

I didn’t start farming because I had to. I didn’t start farming because I felt forced to take the job offer my dad gave me 10 years ago. I started farming because I actually really love to farm. I love the outdoors part, I love the seasonality, I love the people in
the industry, I love the crops, you get the point here.  

 And today I am loving it a lot. Because today for the first time in a long time I don’t have a kid in the car seat, front pack or in my arms while I try to get something done. Today I just get to farm and it’s beautiful, sunny and perfect!

  So here’s my smile as I’m jumping on the fertilizer buggy. Knowing that I get to see those kiddos soon, but for now I get to be a farmer!

Seed Pre-emption at the Oregon Legislature

5 Feb

We are currently in the midst of a short session of the Oregon Legislature.  This year there are over 600 bills to get through, and only 35 days to do it.  Which means that many of us farmers are walking the halls of the capital more frequently than the rows of our fields.  Yesterday I headed down to Salem to testify on a bill that would remove important aspects from the Seed Pre-emption law.  A law that we got passed back in 2013, after a long hard battle.

The basic run down of this law is that it prohibits counties and cities from regulating seed production in Oregon.  This is important because as farmers we don’t want to have 36 different laws regulating how we can grow our seed, or 36 different policies on the growing of GMO’s.  It’s a common sense law, that protects farmers.

Here’s a good article that sums up nicely what is going on with this issue as of right now.
Oregon Seed Pre-emption Law Challenged in Legislature.

And here is what I looked like at the Capital yesterday…yes, baby in tow.

He was a trooper and didn’t complain too much about his early start to agvocacy.  Like I told many people yesterday, I’m here because I want to continue my legacy of farming here in Oregon.  I want my sons to have the opportunity to put their hands in the same soil that their great grandfather did.  And to do that, here in Oregon, we have to continually show up in Salem to let our voices be heard.  To hear testimony from many farmers you can click the link below.  The public hearing portion starts at about 1:09 into the meeting.

As the article states it was mostly farmers who testified yesterday and they all did a great job.  Now if only the battle was even close to over.  Tuesday presents another opportunity for this law to be called into question.

The Views from My Office

1 Feb img_5584-3

I always enjoy when people post photos with the caption, “A view from my office today…” And many times it’s of someone with their feet in the sand, looking out over some beautiful scenery, etc.  I got to thinking today how much my office view has changed since I started farming full time 9 years ago.

When I started my view from my “office” was a lot of the back of my dad’s head.  I followed him around a lot those first few years.  Farming isn’t an easy or quick endeavor, it’s years of experience and knowledge.  Experience and knowledge that even while retired, I still hunt him down for often.

558458_10151088232780795_1040423726_nThen as he slowly took steps back my office view became a lot more of fields while on a sprayer or fertilizer buggy.  And a lot of the real office…because even farmers have to do paperwork!


Office Work

And as such, life progressed for me personally, adding a husband to the mix, who became a part of the farm a few years after he officially become a part of my forever story.


Then as luck would have it, my little farmers were born.  My office view became a lot of days out in the fields with a little man named Hoot.

IMG_4421And about a year and a half later, our farm boy number two showed up.  As of late my office view is me, taking care of  business, many times (I’ll be honest here) in my pajama like attire, on my cell phone, while at home with my arms full of this sweet new to the world face.

IMG_5567It’s not easy all this “view from my office” changing that has been going on.  There are many days when I see Matt drive off in the sprayer or take the fertilizer truck in to get filled that I do miss that time of farming.  But some days I’m reminded that I have to cherish the time that I’m in.  Because soon, probably before I know it, the view from my office will change again, and maybe I’ll miss those pajama days (just a little!).



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