It’s been a very Happy Year…

As we all wait for midnight tonight and get ready to start a new year I thought I would recap what I’ve covered this past year, and what could possibly be coming up?

Started to the year, with the Why of the Blog
And covered everything from Kenya to fog!

I touched on Farm Bureau and what we’re up to there
And also hit on why sometimes life & farming just aren’t fair

Then what do you hear while Dating a farm girl
And how sometimes that can be more wind than whirl

Coverage of our crops and how we plant
My death tax opinion included a small rant

We farm conventional, but what about Organic?
GMO foods are safe, let’s calm all the panic!

Interesting about how deep corn roots grow,
A whole six feet did you know?!

Yukon of course was always there for whatever farming we do
Especially when he hung out with me while I was out with the flu

A Translation of all that confusing Farm Talk
And of course, Why be involved, and walk the walk?

A guide on a fisherman to date,
How to be patient with a country girl that’s always late

And then who knew a ring would come to be
The start of a life to live happily

Then the house that was overgrown, who thought that would be our pick
Nothing a few days and an excavator couldn’t fix

I’ve also hit other areas not so cute
Gross slugs and slime to boot

I added a how to on the art of a good Wild Goose Chase
Asking & thanking for all your support to become the new “Face

Confessions of awkwardness and truths about clothes
Carharts & romeos, not so much dresses & bows

We rescued a kitty from under the shop
And killed squirrels out of trees, down with a plop

I covered our big St. Paul Rodeo 4th of July
Snuck in a guest blogger on the sly

She covered the best parts of Women in Ag
With a family of that many girls they have this subject in the bag!

Lots of photos on Wednesday that were supposed to be Wordless
Harvest pics, one of us not at all dirt-less!

Where will next year take us, what topics to be?
Well my friends that is all yet to be seen.

Maybe of more happiness as the nuptials come close
Maybe of more politics, probably a healthy dose

Stories of travels and adventures always in sight
As we keep farming on, and remember to fight the good fight.

So happy New Year & cheers to to you & your’s
Thank you &here’s to life as it keeps opening new doors!!

Author: Nuttygrass

I'm a nut and grass farmer, EMT, Firefighter, and world traveler. I love a good laugh and a great adventure!

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