Walking Fields in January

It’s been a cold week here in Oregon, temps down into the 20’s and 30’s (which for those of you who are used to this weather…sorry but we are wussy here in the Pacific Northwest!) So at the moment I’m doing a lot of “fun” paperwork, and we’re working on many shop projects.  However this doesn’t mean that the crops aren’t needing any care this time of year, even frozen plants warrant a looking at.

So while walking clover fields yesterday, here is what I found…

2013-01-13_16-46-23_549A pretty even growing field of crimson clover…with some volunteer wheat which looks like this…

2013-01-13_16-46-34_743A volunteer crop is something that grows from last year’s crop.  Last year this field was winter wheat and that is what is coming back from seeds that weren’t picked up by the combine.  Here is another weed that we dont want to keep…

2013-01-13_16-46-42_199We use specific crop herbicides that will kill off grass, unwanted weeds & wheat, but not damage any of the crimson clover plants.  Pretty awesome crop management tools!  Once this cold front blows through I’m hoping to be able to get out into the field and kill off the volunteer crop and any other small weeds that are popping up.

Hope everyone stays warm this week!!

Author: Nuttygrass

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