Blight Scouting in Hazelnuts…Photo Friday

This time of year we are able to stay pretty busy working out in the orchards.  We scout for blight, which grows in the tree and can actually kill off parts of the tree, or even the whole tree if you don’t spray it many times during the year, and also prune it out of the canopy.

2013-01-17_13-34-19_782The black scab marks are what we look for, then you have to cut about 6 inches below the site to make sure that what has moved through the tree is also getting cut out.

gvf_orbit_lifts_2010This is the tower that we use to get up high in the trees.  Our established orchard has very tall trees and most of the growth is at the top.  That is also where the a lot of the blight starts, in the newer growth areas.

2013-01-19_08-54-29_508This is the usual crew I have going around to check on the what is being pruned, kind of a full house at times 🙂

Happy Friday!

Author: Nuttygrass

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