The Rest of the Tour

The Tour of Arizona Ag continues!

The next stop was a dry flower company. They grow rare types of wheat, not for the food portion of the wheat, but for the beauty of it! They grow black bearded wheat, millet, among many other varieties of dried flower varieties.


Their newest product was cotton balls that are sold in plastic bags.

2013-02-11_14-06-15_788This is what they use to harvest all of their crops.

2013-02-11_14-07-16_228He was a collector of some interesting pieces of history.

The next stop was a research station where we learned about how a cotton picker & gin works.

2013-02-11_15-33-18_8472013-02-11_15-16-14_8672013-02-11_15-28-03_9812013-02-11_16-11-18_920And lastly a stop at a kid farm, where they bring in students from all over the Phoenix area to show them what agriculture means to Arizona.

2013-02-11_16-01-18_173My favorite part was this sign, something we all need to remember!


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