Feeding the Grass Plants

Just like when you wake up in the morning…breakfast is the more important meal of the day!  Well for grass seed plants, when the weather starts to warm up and they come out of their winter dormancy, we need to get nutrients to them to get them up and growing!

We use a specific blend of fertilizer and apply it three times during the spring, about every two weeks once you get started.  This our first application of fertilizer this year.


Above is a baby (first year) field.  Can you believe that this little plant will produce more seed per acre than the plants in this three year old field (below)????


We spread the first and their application using dry fertilizer.  This is our buggy, a lot less technical than our sprayer, but it sure does the job!


We use GPS, as you can see the computer screen in my “cab” area.  But we also use foam dropped on the ground to show where you have been.  I love how the foamers looks when you re-fill it!


Author: Nuttygrass

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