The Barkdust Party

Who would have thought that “Barkdust” and “Party” would be in the same sentence??  Well as the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.”  So when the semi truck pulled up and dumped a full load of barkdust onto the farm…the phone calls started.  “HELP!!!  We have wedding barkdust to spread…can you make it?”

DSC02222Then the Cousins show up, then friends, then aunts, uncles, neices, nephews, grandpas, grandmas!DSC02226Even the Dogs came to help!DSC02231We had two wheel barrow lines up and running!DSC02253DSC02236And finally…the REAL reason everyone came to help…Grandma Clara Cinnamon Rolls!!!DSC02232DSC02261Until we can finally all sit back and look at all the work we’re accomplished!

DSC02260“It’s basically the Kirsch Family Farms equivalent of a barn raising!” -DadDSC02263DSC02264And from the Bride and Groom to be….THANK YOU FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!


Author: Nuttygrass

I'm a nut and grass farmer, EMT, Firefighter, and world traveler. I love a good laugh and a great adventure!

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