Clover Update Today…

We have been getting a little rain around here and it was just enough to knock down the beautiful clover and start making them turn a bit on the mature side.  So if you got out and were one of the 10 cars that stopped on the side of the road by our house this weekend…you’re timing was impeccable!

2013-05-15_08-51-27_2042013-05-15_08-52-34_6532013-05-15_08-52-48_304Dad made a great find while out walking around looking at the fields with me and Yukon…

2013-05-15_08-55-43_795Yup…our lucky day!  Just in case you can’t see it…there are 4 leaves on that clover 🙂

Author: Nuttygrass

I'm a nut and grass farmer, EMT, Firefighter, and world traveler. I love a good laugh and a great adventure!

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