Oregon State University Field Day 2013

I took a few photos while at Oregon State University’s Field day a few days ago.  They are always researching new cropping options for farmers here in this area, trying out new chemistry’s, checking disease resistance, etc.  While we don’t grow all of the crops that were covered, it might be something we would look into growing someday, so it’s definitely worth while to go check out what they are up to!!

2013-05-29_09-25-21_844Wheat without the Hair (awnless)

2013-05-29_09-42-33_119Barley Varieties, Both Malting & Feed

2013-05-29_09-42-47_4082013-05-29_09-55-35_327Barley that the Birds sure prefer!

2013-05-29_11-31-50_614Mustard Seed…possible rotation crop??



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