Whew…What a Whirwind!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile….below are all my awesome reasons why…

First there was some big event…that had a lot of prep work!

2013-06-20_14-34-58_327 2013-06-20_16-02-44_148 2013-06-20_16-24-50_368 2013-06-20_16-31-28_522After lots of help from friends and family….We tied the knot!!!

999019_10151508095902749_395686288_n 1044513_10151508114292749_1277856068_n 1045212_10151508096227749_29426901_nAfter that…we abandoned the farm for a more humid climate…Hello Costa Rica!

DSC02357 DSC02387 DSC02465Then returned only to find that in fact, crops do not wait for anyone!  The crimson had been swathed while we were gone and now it is time to combine!

2013-07-03_13-29-14_177 2013-07-03_16-50-26_910Meanwhile the 4th of July hits, and with this our small little town is transformed into a mecca of rodeo craziness! Welcome St. Paul Rodeo Fans!

2013-07-02_21-26-27_964And of course we had to go in the parade with the hot rod! Where we won first place! 2013-07-04_08-43-07_143  2013-07-04_10-28-45_823There you have it folks, all my great, fun, awesome reasons for not having time to blog the last couple of weeks!  So happy 4th of July, I hope it was a great day of Independence for everyone and enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Signing off now as Mrs. Brenda Frketich (And don’t ask me how to say my new last name, I’m still practicing how to say it myself!)

ps…Thank you Murray Photography for the amazing wedding photos!!!

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I'm a nut and grass farmer, EMT, Firefighter, and world traveler. I love a good laugh and a great adventure!

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