The Final Crimson Post…for now…

I know that I’ve been talking a lot about crimson these days, well it’s mostly because that’s what has been on the mind lately, along with it also being the best for picture opportunities.

Here are a few last pictures from the final field.  We had some research plots out in our field this year, to test some rates on a tool that we think will help us increase our yields in years to come.

2013-07-08_14-56-32_1902013-07-08_14-59-11_613That is what all the golf tee flags are for.

2013-07-08_15-18-47_61We dumped each small plot into a weigh wagon, where they took samples and notes on what the seed looked like.  Then we celebrated…because we were finally done with Crimson Clover harvest!

The next step on our fields is to flail them up.  This allows all the extra material to be chopped up and rot down over the next few months.

2013-07-10_20-02-24_728 2013-07-10_20-02-30_31This too is a dusty job!

2013-07-10_20-23-42_328The best part though…is this time I’m in the cab!!!

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