We’re done with summer harvest!!!!

Peas for freezing – Check
Crimson Clover for seed – Check
Perennial Ryegrass for Seed – Check
Wheat for Seed – Check

Combining wheat is always a little more fun than ryegrass I think.  Mostly because you get to cut while you combine.  In perennial ryegrass we have to swath at night, wait a week, then combine the already cut rows that look like this.

wpid-2013-07-19_17-41-09_902.jpgBut in wheat, we make the haircut while also separating the crop from the straw.  It looks like this:


We also get to dump on the go, the combine never stops (unless you have a girl like me driving and you have to use the bathroom every hour, sorry dad!)


While in the cab you can look ta see the quality of the wheat that you’re combining by just looking through the window at the rear of the cab.

2013-08-07_11-53-47_9852013-08-07_12-41-50_164Here’s a picture of the final “Mohawk” I like to call it of wheat in our field.

2013-08-08_17-13-50_671And here’s one of how I felt when we were finally done!

2013-08-08_17-17-36_717A finished up wheat field, time to head for the barn!


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