Bower’s Family Farm, Photo Friday

This week I thought I would put some pictures on here from my friend Marie Bowers.  She is a 5th generation farmer from down in the southern part of the Willamette Valley here in Oregon.  She is also a blogger and is the one who convinced me to start this darn thing in the first place!  You can check out what she’s up to and subscribe to her blog at

2013-08-15-09-00-02-11150820_506955766051027_732837584_nHarvest equipment out in their yard, taking a break from the long harvest days.

521642_500355160044421_2095358135_nAfter a tractor broke down the Bowers got creative…good old farmer ingenuity.

1185557_509507765795827_1758755521_n64511_510322359047701_857600573_nThe grass seed is in the barn after harvest and ready to be cleaned, bagged, and sold!

1234082_516982931714977_1484003312_nAnd now it’s time for planting next year’s crop!

Thanks Marie for letting me share some of your photos and for sharing your love for farming!  And like I said you should definitely check out her blog!  One of my favorite posts has a ton of videos about grass harvest, a nice way to see what’s going on at her farm!  You can click here to see the post.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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