Happy Halloween

Granted it’s a day late but still it was a beautiful Halloween night here in Oregon.  The dogs and I watched a beautiful sunset over a freshly mowed clover field, and then settled in to wait for kiddos to come trick or treating!


The best part though about living in a house in the middle of nowhere…you still have to buy all that candy for the 6 kids that stop by, but you get the rest for yourself!

20131031-202855.jpgSooooo good! 🙂  Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

20131031-202844.jpgps, saw this sign at our local coffee shop, The Banker’s Cup and couldn’t help but share it, too funny!

Author: Nuttygrass

I'm a nut and grass farmer, EMT, Firefighter, and world traveler. I love a good laugh and a great adventure!

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. Same exact candy as the east coast- guess all over the US.
    Better watch your back if they eat locals in Oregon!!!


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