Photo Friday…A New Crop

We are adding a new crop to our list of things we grow for this coming year. Red cabbage for seed. So we spent a good chunk of this week and last preparing the soil and getting it all planted.


And it’s no small job. We worked the ground 3 times, applied lime, irrigated, worked the ground 2 times, sprayed a pre-emergent (photos below)



Worked the ground 2 more times, irrigated again…then finally planted! Once they were in the ground we again had to spray and irrigate one last time.
Now we just have to keep the soil damp so the seeds come up quickly and watch for bugs that can eat you crop as it pops out of the ground.
Now that I’ve written all this out I think this new crop is not in the easy to manage book of crops to grow! But we think it will be a good rotation on our farm, stay tuned for more photos as we take care of our newest crop!

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  1. Wow! That is some beautiful farm land. You had to work the ground 7 times to get the correct seed bed? Are those cabbage seeds tiny?


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