Prairie Californian…Queen of Toxic Wheat?

I wanted to write today about a gal that lives in North Dakota, Jenny Dewey.  I’ve linked to her blog, Prairie Californian, a few times before but she wrote a post last week that really hit home for me.  She is a wonderful writer with one of those unique stories of how she ended up marrying a farmer and becoming connected to the land in a way that she never thought was possible.  Check out her love story on her blog, you won’t believe it!

I relate to her story because as someone who started on a farm, couldn’t wait to get away, and then eventually ended up not being able to get back fast enough, I see similarities in our story.  I also see a passion for agriculture that when you read her writing seems to come from a very sincere and heartfelt place.

Lately she has been coined the “Queen of Toxic Wheat” for her stance on the safety and use of round up.  A topic that I wrote about recently as well in response to the Toxic wheat article going around.  While the name may not seem fair, she has taken it in stride and with humor.  The post that she wrote most recently was entitled, “If you Chose to believe Bad Science, then you are the one with the disadvantage.”  This was written in response to just another article to add to the list of using bad science to claim that roundup and other pesticides are the reason for autism and other diseases.  This might sound like a harsh title, and I have to admit that I was a little taken a back at first, but then I started to read and the sincerity and common sense of her post came through crystal clear.

So today I just urge you to read her post, take a step back and a deep breath and realize that so many times we read stories that are scary, overwhelming with science and mumbo jumbo it’s almost hard to not believe them.  But take a moment to realize that as farmers I think many times we are more like our urban neighbors than they give us credit for.  Our offices may be out on the prairies and in the soil, but we are still trying to do what is right and good for the people we feed and the land that we cultivate.

Wishing you all a good Monday to start off your 2015!

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I'm a nut and grass farmer, EMT, Firefighter, and world traveler. I love a good laugh and a great adventure!

2 thoughts on “Prairie Californian…Queen of Toxic Wheat?”

  1. Love it Brenda! I was just explaining to my kids yesterday why I would choose a “career” where I work so much during the summer, and have to get up early, etc… They’re asking “why would you want to do that, and do it with a smile?” It was actually a great question they asked! I’m glad they are interested. And I got to thinking about it myself – why? Sometimes you can’t answer it very clearly. But something about the love of the land, the people around you, the beautiful landscape you see day in and day out, and ultimately the people you feed or provide for. When you see a sunset from the field, it makes you stop and realize how truly blessed we are to do what we do – and for that I’m grateful.


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