More Cabbage!

The cabbage is the most exciting crop right now, not just because it’s new to our farm, but also because while the rest of our farm has been resting all winter the cabbage has been growing and thriving!  So another photo Friday…and more cabbage!

It’s time to split the heads.  Which basically means, well…what it sounds like.  We use a tool to cut open the cabbage heads so that they will bolt (send up seed heads that we will harvest).  Not all of them will bolt on their own, or at the same time unless we nudge them along.


So that’s what we are doing out there.  While it’s a muddy job this time of year, it’s the only way to make sure the cabbage creates seeds for us to harvest this summer.  And in other news…it’s coleslaw for lunch!

IMG_2874We have also had some sunshine here, crops will be starting to enjoy the warmer temperatures in the soil and spring to life soon.  So out to the swings it is for our little farm boy!

IMG_2856Happy Friday folks!

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