What’s going on in that Field?

Driving around looking at fields can get a bit confusing…when you don’t know what you’re supposed to be looking at.  One of the crop that we grow, crimson clover, usually is planted into fields that had wheat the year before.  It’s not always the case that you get every single wheat kernel out of the field.  So you end up with “volunteer” crop.  This year the fields actually looked more like wheat fields than clover fields.

IMG_2902All the yellow grass looking stuff is the dying wheat.

So we went out and were able to spray a selective herbicide that would kill only the wheat and leave the clover behind to prosper without the competition that the wheat would give to our crop.  So now, as the wheat dies off, a few of our fields look really sick.


When underneath the clover is healthy and ready to start grow, especially with the nice warm weather we have been having the past few days!!


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