Peas and the Weather 

I have said it many times before how frustrating farming can be when the weather decides to not cooperate. It can lead to money down the drain, problems down the road and worst case a loss of crop. 

So as we have been watching our peas pop out of the ground I have been crossing my fingers that the large amount of rain which came right after planting didn’t hurt our little seeds. 

Unfortunately like I said, the weather can do a lot of harm. Below is a photo of what our field should look like all over. 


 And this is a photo of what it looks like when seeds rot in the ground never to sprout for a crop.


 There’s a lot of bare soil there and it’s hard as a farmer to look at. Hard because it’s something that is so out of our hands as stewards of the land. Farming isn’t easy, the variables are endless as to what can wrong when your “factory” is out in the elements. And it’s one of the many risks farmers take to get food on your table and our own. 

Author: Nuttygrass

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    1. I wish we could. But because of the nature of peas and harvest timing we can’t reseed. But we did recently find a small fix, a neighbor of ours is going to plant pumpkins! Stay tuned I’m sure there will be a post about this soon 🙂


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