Step One of Crimson Clover Harvest

The first step with all harvest is to go out and see when it time to begin. We have been watching our Crimson fields move from a vibrant sea of red blooms to a more ripe and brown colored horizon. 

This photo was taken May 4th.  

This one was taken just a few days ago.  


So yesterday even while wearing the most unpractical farming shoes we took one last walk in our clover field to make the final call… 

…and we decided starting at 4:30am this morning we started to swath (cut the crop and lay it down in rows).  

In a week to 10 days we will be heading out with our combines to harvest this crop. In the end we will have thousands of pounds of tiny little seeds. Seeds that will move all over the U.S. to be planted for cover crop and pasture mixes.  

 The golden seeds in the palm of my hand are the finished product.  

 The harvesters separate the seeds from the bells (hairy pod looking things that are on the head of the plant). 

Crop number two (peas were our first crop) is under way! Let the harvesting begin!! Happy Friday!

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3 thoughts on “Step One of Crimson Clover Harvest”

  1. Ahhh, I have been seeing those red fields a lot and wondering what they were! Thanks!


  2. Are those Hazelnut trees in the 2nd picture? Is all of your clover inter-planted into hazelnuts?


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