Farmers & Baseball Come Together

This past week our local baseball team, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes have been living up to their reputation of being a venue not to just enjoy watching some good ‘ol American baseball, eat a hotdog and have a cold beer, they are also a place that enjoys involving the community in which they serve.  They have been doing a series of games to honor those of us who work in agriculture and in this industry that is so strong here in Oregon.

The rural and urban divide is getting stronger here in Oregon as people get further removed generationally from the farm, but at the same time here in Oregon it seems like our urban neighbors physically are getting closer and closer.  Which is why there is an ever growing need to reach out, the need for farmers to tell their story, and the Volcanoes baseball program gave many of us farmers a chance to do just that last night.

Katy Coba, Marie Bowers Stagg, Macey Wessels, Kathy Hadley, myself, Shelly Boshart Davis, and Amy Doerfler Phelan

I was honored to be a part of this great event.  Not only was I one of eight women in agriculture to throw the ceremonial first pitch before the game, I was more honored to be one of the many to escort Scott Miller’s family out to home plate for a tribute to him and all he has done for our industry.  His legacy, as we saw last night, continues on as it rightfully should.

Scott Miller’s family, his wife Martha, son Ben, daughter Sara, and sister Brenda.

Along with base hits, cheering, and hotdogs, came toy tractor races, interviews with farmers, even a crop duster fly over and overall a great feeling of pride for showing what the bringing of two different worlds should look like.  When the Senior Account Manager, Jerry Howard came out to our farm to “pitch” the idea of an agriculture week to us, he said, “I have lived here my entire life, I have driven these back roads for many years.  I have enjoyed watching fields grow and crops harvested, and until now it never dawned on me that we need to honor those who grow our food right here in Oregon.  Until now, and that is where this idea began.”

Here is short video that was put together by the Volcanoes to talk about Kathy Hadley’s farm in Rickreall, and our farm here in St. Paul.

Thank you Jerry for a great opportunity, thank you to Salem-Keizer Volcanoes for letting us be a part of this great program, and thank you to all of those who came out in support.

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