Minimum Wage Hearing

Last week was the first big call to action for this short legislative session for farmers. The hearing was in regards to raising Oregon’s already high minimum wage. And if anyone was in doubt if this is a big topic this year I think you would have only had to show up at the capital that evening to see hundreds of people there to give their view. 

A good friend of mine, fellow blogger and great agvocate, Shelly Davis shared her thoughts and pieces of her testimony on her blog, Daughter of a Trucker. So I wanted to share it on here today because while I didn’t physically have the chance to get to the capital that day I was glad that part of my “tribe” made the trip to share how many of us in agriculture feel about this issue. 

  To see this post follow this link: 

While we all want people to earn a fair wage, the ways in which to get to that point will be debated extensively this session. I just hope that people will realize what a bandaid just raising minimum wage will be for our state. And it will only shortly hide the real issues with a non business friendly state if we aren’t careful. 

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