Photo Friday…Fkr or Frk…what?

Some of you may know the outcome of the minimum wage issue in Oregon (bill to increase the wage passed the House), some of you may care and some of you may not.  But for me, as a business owner and Oregonian, this is so annoying frustrating infuriating…unbelievable.  I could go on and on about how unions pushed this bill, how Democrats voted yea even though they admitted it was a bad bill for Oregon, or how protesters stormed the House floor even when they were getting what they wanted (because it still wasn’t enough).   But I don’t have the energy for a post about that today, I’m too tired with real life, real work, and dealing with real issues that fall on deaf ears at Legislature.  So instead I’m going to share this ridiculous photo, that I just noticed after looking at it on my desk for almost two years.

12735962_10100856612104379_775917461_nCan you see the mistake?  I always joke that I don’t know how to say my last name correctly…apparently I also don’t spell it correctly.  Happy Friday!

Sincerely, Brenda Frketich

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2 thoughts on “Photo Friday…Fkr or Frk…what?”

  1. Brenda,
    You crack me up sometimes. Your spelling error reminds me of my own personal issues with family birthdates. I have a brother and sister with birthdates of May 22nd and 25th. I can’t keep them straight no matter how much I try. To hell with putting them on a calendar, I keep telling myself that I’ll remember it this year. I’m 56 years old now and I always dread the phone call I make on the morning of May 22nd to make the “Happy Birthday” greeting. I flip a coin and let er rip.

    As for the minimum wage and all other fiascos that come out of Salem, I’m with you and Betty, sometimes it feels like we’ve hit a tipping point of no return. None other than Benjamin Franklin warned us, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”


  2. Brenda, you are so eloquent in your blogs. I do enjoy them, and share in your frustration. I do not know how we get through to our elected officials. Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, it all gets down to being an elected official that listens to all citizens, and in the long term making the best choices for the long term, overall good for our state. Over the last 20+ years or so I have seen the erosion of fundamental core values at the hands of our supposed leaders…many of whom have never run a business, nor had to make the tough choices that are made and sacrificed every day in small business. We have become a state where the “takers” of tax dollars out vote the “makers” of tax dollars. It can only spiral downward. We hear daily the horror stories of misuse, waste, and corruption of tax dollars. Yet our state government continue to attack those very businesses and individuals that are actually supporting their salaries and special programs. It is not a workable situation, and that fact will only be seen when it is too late.

    RIP Oregon…the state I love!


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