Safety Training on the Farm

The amount of training that farmers need to do seems to be ever increasing.  Pesticide training, tractor safety training, forklift training, these are just a few that we do on a yearly basis here at the farm for our employees.  Last week we had a training day, where we got it all taken care of.

img_5900Here is a photo of our field workers learning about pesticides.  One interesting thing that we learned is that on a farm gasoline is one of the most dangerous chemicals we can come into contact with.  Puts a little perspective on what chemicals we have on the farm.

img_5904-1And here’s another photo of Matt doing his practical forklift portion of the training.

While training for safety can at times feel like a huge burden, as an employer I want my employees to always feel safe and have the tools to be safe in the field.  Did you know that every day 2 farmers in this country die from a farm related accident?!  It is a scary thought, one that has hit too close to home already and something I hope to not see again for a long time.  So stay safe out there farmers, get that training done now, because you’re just going to get more busy as the sun comes out!

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  1. Hi Brenda, How can I find the YouTube video you showed at the Salem City Club Meeting on April 24, 2015? Thank you! Dave


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