Photo Friday, Grass Seed Harvest

Grass seed harvest has begun…well then it started raining so it stopped.  But it will pick up again once things dry out.  Until then here are a few photos from the first few days.

This is tall fescue seed that is being harvested.  It has been cut and cured on the ground for about a week.  Once harvested the seed is trucked to a cleaner, tested for weeds and germ, then sent all over the world for golf courses, laws, sports fields, etc.

Here are some photos from day 1 of harvest out in the field.  We run two combines, one John Deere and one New Holland.

Davor is learning the life of harvest, which means family time is spent out in the fields.  The boys and I bring dinner to the crew every night, and sometimes Hoot and I get to drive the “bines” (as he calls them) while the drivers take a break.  I use the term “sometimes” very lightly, it’s hard to keep that boy out of those combines!



So while this break because of the weather is frustrating, we will get back out into the fields soon.  Until then we will enjoy a little slower pace this weekend, and pray for more sunshine to show up…very soon!!

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3 thoughts on “Photo Friday, Grass Seed Harvest”

  1. What combine does a better job & throws less out the back, the John Deere or the New Holland ?


    1. Tough question to answer Tom. I would say that the New Holland goes faster so the efficiency is better, it does produce a little lighter seed than the Deere. But the Deere is older (a lot older) so hard to compare apples to apples. It also does a good job of giving us nice heavy seed weights. So in the end they each have their advantages.


  2. A chance to get a little extra rest, do a little maintenance and get ready to hit it hard when the sun comes out!


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