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My busy week was capped off last Friday with a pretty cool experience. Another farmer, Jesse Rue and myself made the trek up to Portland to go on live TV and talk about grass seed and family farming!

I say trek because it was during some pretty great winter blast moments. The roads weren’t too bad, just the side streets. Which proved almost too much for me and my heels!

All that shiny business…is ice!! So Jesse and I walked, skated, mostly just slowly scooted along the icey sidewalks to get into the studio…we looked like 90 years olds we were walking SO slow!

Here is a link to our segment!

AM Northwest, KATU

It was a very cool experience to shoot live TV and talk about what I am so passionate about! Here are just a few facts that we covered…

  • 98% of farms in Oregon are family owned.
  • There are also 1174 century farms (over 100 years old) here!
  • Grass seed production takes up 400k acres in Oregon. 90% of those acres are in the Willamette Valley.
  • Grass seed provides $1.2 billion to Oregon’s economy.
  • Grass seed as an industry provides over 10,000 jobs in Oregon.
  • Grass has great environmental benefits.  Erosion control, soil cooling, and water filtration.

To learn more great things about Oregon grass seed check out Oregon Seed Council’s website:

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