Farm Boys

Seeing my boys grow up on the same farm I did, reminds me daily of what a great childhood I had! It’s hard to imagine any other way of life for my family! 

Here are a few farm boy photos for you all to enjoy on this beautiful Friday!

Author: Nuttygrass

I'm a nut and grass farmer, EMT, Firefighter, and world traveler. I love a good laugh and a great adventure!

One thought on “Farm Boys”

  1. Too bad this way of life is not open to everyone anymore. We attended a high school graduation for a friends girl in Princeton about 15 years ago. 500 people showed up to graduate 7 kids. The boys were all lean; short hair cuts; wearing starched plaid shirts and jeans that looked like they were ironed. A far cry from the overweight, unkempt kids with baggy pants that we were seeing in our area. It is such a positive and life affirming way of life. 🙂


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