It’s Nut Harvest Time!!

In the times of a pandemic, wildfires, flash floods and distance learning, we are also starting our final harvest of 2020. It is finally time to harvest hazelnuts at Kirsch Family Farms!

The filberts fall naturally from the trees when they are ready to be harvested. This year “naturally” meant they fell due to 50 mile an hour winds during a crazy storm we had a few weeks ago. Which brought wildfires and us being thankful our trees didn’t get burned to the ground.

Which led us to last week when we were thankful that the flash flood that came through skirted mostly to the west of us and didn’t float the nuts down into the drainage ditch. Meanwhile we are thankful that our harvester driver, (ahem…me) is super unreliable due to navigating pick ups and drop offs from 75 different places for my three children with this new “learning” that we’re currently doing because of the pandemic. Hoot our oldest son summed up life very well in this photo which is so far my favorite…I hear ya buddy…right there with ya!!

All dramatics aside, so far this year is looking good for our hazelnuts and we do actually have a ton to be thankful for. As for the rest of it, well…like many of you, we are ready for this year to be over!

Author: Nuttygrass

I'm a nut and grass farmer, EMT, Firefighter, and world traveler. I love a good laugh and a great adventure!

2 thoughts on “It’s Nut Harvest Time!!”

  1. How was the smoke in your end of Oregon In Cochrane Alberta we had about 3 days of bad smoke.How did the rest of the crops do this year ?Around our area there is some bumper crops,plus this fall is the driest since 1970 . When this cv19 gets straightened out we would sure like come for a tour. Work safe !!


    1. Hi there! The smoke was pretty bad. Once the rain hit that cleared it all out, and we were ready for that for sure! The rest of the crops did well, I would say some were in that bumper range and some were in the dumps…so average all in all. We would love to have you out for a tour! You just say the word!!


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