Replacing Older Hazelnut Trees

We decided to knock down a block of our orchards where some of our oldest hazelnut (aka filbert) trees were. We removed these Barcelona hazelnut trees last year and then planted the new variety last week.

We probably could have chosen a drier day, there was a lot of mud, but in Oregon we know how to work in the mud.

We planted a newer variety from Oregon State University called Polly Os. First the trees were planted and then we added a bamboo stake next to it. The bamboo, once tied to the trunk, gives the tree more strength against the wind and gives birds a place to land (if they land on the new tree it can break off the top).

All we have left to do now is add some mulch around the base of the tree to conserve moisture and add tree protector to provide protection from sunburn and chemical burn.

While it wasn’t an easy decision to take out trees that have been there since 1990, it also was equally not as fun to keep heavily spraying and pruning for the Eastern filbert blight that we continually battled. At some point we had to make a decision, and I’m glad we made it before our costs outweighed our yields.

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3 thoughts on “Replacing Older Hazelnut Trees”

  1. I can certainly relate to the decision and the process of culling is never an easy one. As much as we want to make it seem sterile and business like, good farmers also have emotional connections to the land we are entrusted with.
    I believe on the face of what you had shared that this decision will be a good one and the return will be worth the wait and sacrifice.
    All our best with the new variety and orchard.
    Thank you for producing some of my favorite treats.


    1. Yes I completely agree. I could write a whole other post about how hard of a decision this was. It sounds silly writing that out, but truthfully it wasn’t easy at all. I have a lot of memories among those branches.


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