Green Bean Field Dirt Work

We are gearing up to plant our first field of green beans for the year. Using our newest John Deere tractor to get the job done, equipped with auto steer to boot. Which basically means the driver only has to turn the corners, point the tractor in the right direction and it takes the wheel.  

 Meanwhile Hoot is at the farm not to sure where to hit the auto steer button on his tractor… 

 Happy Photo Friday! 

Filbert Harvest From Start to…middle :)

The Filberts (aka Hazelnuts) fall naturally on to the ground.  No need to shake the “L” out of them (Almond Joke)

The nuts are put into rows between the trees, using a sweeper.

The harvester drive right over the rows while making lots of dust to pick up the filberts.

Dirty view from the side, that mess is being made by a large fan that cleans the nuts as they go through the harvester.

Really dusty view of the harvester, looking back from the tractor…
More pictures to be posted with the rest of the story later today!

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