Green Beans…Round 2

We are planting another round of green beans today.  The morning started early for Matt, a 5am start time to get all the per-emergent herbicides on the ground.  Next came the rototiller, to mix in the chemicals and create the perfect seed bed.

IMG_4165Then finally the planter getting the seeds in the soil, ready to grow into a great crop of green beans!

The first planting is also coming along just fine.


Although there seems to be an imposter in our field…possibly one our neighbor might know something about!


“Just a good planting marker.” was what I believe was said.

It’s Green Bean Time

We are making the final preparations to our soil today to get ready to plant green beans tomorrow! It’s no small task either. 

The soil has been worked down for a few weeks.  We have applied a preplant fertilizer and will work that into the soil today. Which will also bring up some fresh dirt with good moisture to make it ideal for planting seeds. 

  And as an added benefit working the ground one more time will knock down any small weeds that have grown the past few weeks. Saving us an application of herbicide as well!


We haven’t grown green beans for a few years but it has always been one of my favorite crops. Glad that we get to add it back into our mix of crops this year!  I’ll have updates as the plants grow through the spring, this field of dirt will look very different very soon!

Green Bean Field Dirt Work

We are gearing up to plant our first field of green beans for the year. Using our newest John Deere tractor to get the job done, equipped with auto steer to boot. Which basically means the driver only has to turn the corners, point the tractor in the right direction and it takes the wheel.  

 Meanwhile Hoot is at the farm not to sure where to hit the auto steer button on his tractor… 

 Happy Photo Friday! 

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