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The Pea Field has Been Saved!

20 Apr

The pea field has been saved!  Well not exactly…the pea seeds have rotted, the peas are dead, and now the peas are gone!!  This is when living in an area where over 250 different crops are grown can pay off.  After posting my blog the other week about losing a portion of our pea field due to some very wet soil and untimely rain after planting, I got a call from a friend who plants many different types of pumpkins.  He wondered if there was any way he could use the field to plant some for this coming season.

FullSizeRenderOn the left is where he has worked the ground for pumpkins, on the right is our pea field.

Well why not?  Better than growing a weed patch and losing out on 15 acres of good soil for the year.  So he moved some equipment in last week and started working ground to get it ready.  It just goes to show that even when things look like a tough loss they can always turn around.

You can find out more about all the different types of pumpkins this family grows on their farm at  Meanwhile the rest of the peas are growing fast and looking really good! (PHEW!!)

Peas and the Weather 

10 Apr

I have said it many times before how frustrating farming can be when the weather decides to not cooperate. It can lead to money down the drain, problems down the road and worst case a loss of crop. 

So as we have been watching our peas pop out of the ground I have been crossing my fingers that the large amount of rain which came right after planting didn’t hurt our little seeds. 

Unfortunately like I said, the weather can do a lot of harm. Below is a photo of what our field should look like all over. 


 And this is a photo of what it looks like when seeds rot in the ground never to sprout for a crop.


 There’s a lot of bare soil there and it’s hard as a farmer to look at. Hard because it’s something that is so out of our hands as stewards of the land. Farming isn’t easy, the variables are endless as to what can wrong when your “factory” is out in the elements. And it’s one of the many risks farmers take to get food on your table and our own. 

Photo Friday… The Peas are a Growin’

11 Apr

Our pea field is coming right along.

Since it was planted, the weather has been a beautiful mix of sun and rain, perfect for growing!


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