The Pea Field has Been Saved!

The pea field has been saved!  Well not exactly…the pea seeds have rotted, the peas are dead, and now the peas are gone!!  This is when living in an area where over 250 different crops are grown can pay off.  After posting my blog the other week about losing a portion of our pea field due to some very wet soil and untimely rain after planting, I got a call from a friend who plants many different types of pumpkins.  He wondered if there was any way he could use the field to plant some for this coming season.

FullSizeRenderOn the left is where he has worked the ground for pumpkins, on the right is our pea field.

Well why not?  Better than growing a weed patch and losing out on 15 acres of good soil for the year.  So he moved some equipment in last week and started working ground to get it ready.  It just goes to show that even when things look like a tough loss they can always turn around.

You can find out more about all the different types of pumpkins this family grows on their farm at  Meanwhile the rest of the peas are growing fast and looking really good! (PHEW!!)

Filbert Harvest From Start to…middle :)

The Filberts (aka Hazelnuts) fall naturally on to the ground.  No need to shake the “L” out of them (Almond Joke)

The nuts are put into rows between the trees, using a sweeper.

The harvester drive right over the rows while making lots of dust to pick up the filberts.

Dirty view from the side, that mess is being made by a large fan that cleans the nuts as they go through the harvester.

Really dusty view of the harvester, looking back from the tractor…
More pictures to be posted with the rest of the story later today!

Squash is Looking Good






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