Cabbage Cultivation

We had to do some mechanical weed control out in our cabbage this past week. And I opened my big mouth bragging about how good I drove the cultivator a few years ago…so here I am again. And the focus required to drive as straight as humanly possible and not take out any plants is no easy task!!

The cultivator did a great job, and I think the operator did ok too (haha!) Although I did have a few plants that got up and jumped right out of the row! Cultivator blight we like to say!

The weather has still been dry and warm around here in the Willamette Valley but with rain and cooler weather on the horizon everyone is going like crazy to get things done before it all hits! I have to admit though that is will be really nice to settle the dust around here! Happy Friday!

Cabbage is Sprouting

Our cabbage that was just planted has started to push out of the ground.  We have had to keep the water going across the field because cabbage doesn’t have a lot of umph to push through any type of hard dirt.

photo 5

So with the hot weather we have been having, keeping that soil damp allows for the plant to push through easier.

photo 1

The plants are pushing through which is great, but along with the crop comes the pests. Flea beetle to be exact.

photo 3photo 4
You can see that they have already started to chew on some if the leaves. So we are out spraying this morning to get them under control.

Hopefully they will keep on a growing, we need the cabbage to be fairly large heading into winter! This is just one example of how you can always find something to take care of on a farm. These plants will grow and produce for you, but you have to take care if them and nurture them to make it all work out. All while knowing that sometimes no matter how hard you work, Mother Nature still has the final say on if the end result will really work out.

Happy Friday and hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!!

Photo Friday…A New Crop

We are adding a new crop to our list of things we grow for this coming year. Red cabbage for seed. So we spent a good chunk of this week and last preparing the soil and getting it all planted.


And it’s no small job. We worked the ground 3 times, applied lime, irrigated, worked the ground 2 times, sprayed a pre-emergent (photos below)



Worked the ground 2 more times, irrigated again…then finally planted! Once they were in the ground we again had to spray and irrigate one last time.
Now we just have to keep the soil damp so the seeds come up quickly and watch for bugs that can eat you crop as it pops out of the ground.
Now that I’ve written all this out I think this new crop is not in the easy to manage book of crops to grow! But we think it will be a good rotation on our farm, stay tuned for more photos as we take care of our newest crop!

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