Safety Training on the Farm

The amount of training that farmers need to do seems to be ever increasing.  Pesticide training, tractor safety training, forklift training, these are just a few that we do on a yearly basis here at the farm for our employees.  Last week we had a training day, where we got it all taken care of.

img_5900Here is a photo of our field workers learning about pesticides.  One interesting thing that we learned is that on a farm gasoline is one of the most dangerous chemicals we can come into contact with.  Puts a little perspective on what chemicals we have on the farm.

img_5904-1And here’s another photo of Matt doing his practical forklift portion of the training.

While training for safety can at times feel like a huge burden, as an employer I want my employees to always feel safe and have the tools to be safe in the field.  Did you know that every day 2 farmers in this country die from a farm related accident?!  It is a scary thought, one that has hit too close to home already and something I hope to not see again for a long time.  So stay safe out there farmers, get that training done now, because you’re just going to get more busy as the sun comes out!

Photo Friday, Shop Safety Film Shoot

I was originally going to plan a “I am alive” post considering it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. I can assure you it’s not due to lack of content ideas, although my ideas have included topics closer to the realm of “How many dirty diapers can a person handle?!” than “Farming in the fields.”

  But regardless of that wanted to share a few photos from a fun project our farm got to be a part of this past week. 

SAIF and Oregon Aglink came together to working a farm shop safety video that will be given to farms all over Oregon to help in training employees.    

 I’m really excited to see the finished project considering the shoot included things like an ambulance scene, tea party and a poker game.  


 All in all it was a fun day with a great group of people! Both SAIF and Oregon AgLink have always been committed to keeping workers safe on our farms here in Oregon. A big thank you goes to them for their time and commitment. 

And now it’s back to diapers…until next week (hopefully)!