A Big Win for Oregon Farmers

298Senate Bill 863, Seed Preemption passed both the house and the senate this past week!!  It is headed to the Governor’s desk!  I can’t tell you how much this meant to me as a farmer here in Oregon!  As I have written in the past couple of weeks, this goes a long way in showing that our state believes in helping farmers utilize tools in the future to feed this ever growing world!!  All the while protecting us from regulations county by county and keeping 1 Department of Agriculture in Oregon, not 36!

Here are the two blog posts from the weeks past….

Thanks to our Governor who allowed this to be in the special session package to begin with, legislators who worked on getting this passed, all our hard working lobbyists, to those who contacted their legislators, testified, and spoke out on how important this issue is, not just for farmers, but for our state!

Until Next Week…Sorry!

Well my laptop decided to say kaput to my wedding invite list of 300 with addresses this past week! So…I’m not supposed to use my laptop until my computer genius team takes a look. And since I’m good at typing on my phone, but not thrilled to go into anything with too much substance, I’m just going to take a break for a week and return hopefully with addresses recovered and a keyboard to type on 🙂 Hope you all have a good week!

“10 Things You Need to Know when Dating a Fisherman” has posted!

Sorry if you didn’t receive an e-mail notification this morning, but the post “10 Things you Need to Know when Dating a Fisherman” has finally posted! You can go to this blog post or just go to my Home Page and it will come up! Thanks for your patience and sorry for my confusion! 🙂

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