Did you know…Oregon Ag Trivia!

I love trivia, and Oregon agriculture is full of interesting facts. So for today I’m going to share just a few of what Oregon agriculture is all about….
1. 16.4 million acres are in farmland
2. We grow all of the US blackberries, boysenberries, hazelnuts, loganberries & raspberries.
3. 140,000 jobs are linked to agriculture in Oregon, that’s 1 in every 8!
4. 10% of our economy is linked to agriculture.
5. Our top commodities are greenhouse plants/nursery, hay, cattle, milk, and wheat.
6. We are the top producers for ryegrass, crimson clover, onions, peppermint, and Christmas trees.
7. Our top export is Wheat, then seeds, then fruits.
8. Oregon has approximately 2000 different types of soil.
9. We grow more than 220 different crops here.
10. 97% of our farms here are family owned.

We have a wide impact on many parts of our state, US & Local economy because of the diverse products we can provide. Also just the sheer number of jobs that we support is pretty substantial! Thanks for stopping by and have a good Monday!


Click to access facts_and_figures.pdf


About Oregon Agriculture

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  1. Hey Brenda!  Are you going to be at the AgFest the 27th??  If so, I will make a point of looking for you.

    Blessings! Vickie Martin



    1. I am not going to Agfest this year. Wedding events are taking precedence at this point! 🙂 but I hope you have fun there, its such a blast!!


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