Baby Grass Seed Scouting

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Willamette Valley! And when you get beautiful days in November it’s usually the best time to go and look to see how the fields are doing.

We have planted a number of perennial ryegrass seed acres this fall, referred to often as “baby fields”. And as my husband Matt likes to say, “Baby perennial ryegrass is always looking for a way to die!” What he means is that when perennial ryegrass is just starting out it makes for a delicious meal for both slugs and geese, and when they attack they can decimate acres and acres in just a few days. So we often go out to make sure as it’s coming up that it’s being protected as best we can.

To tell you the truth as we headed out across the field it didn’t look very good. It just looked like a lot of open soil with no sprout. Which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to get a field to grow.

But we didn’t let it worry us too much. This field wasn’t planted too long ago and we knew that it should just be starting to sprout. So with a closer inspection, this field is actually doing quite well as it just starts to come out of the ground.

That’s what we call the start of being able to “row up” a grass seed planting. And the good news is that while we found a few slugs, the bait that we put out a week ago is still protecting the grass as it sprouts. And as far as geese it didn’t look like they had found it yet, so we will continue to scout for them as they fly over and more than likely also start to spot the rows of tasty grass.

We also saw a lot of worm castings which is a sign of good soil health. You can see in this photo all the small dry bits of soil, that is all from worm activity.

These fields will need to be protected through the winter from the slugs, geese, and kept clean from weeds that will inevitably sprout through the dormant and growing season. Before harvest next July we will be out scouting our acres every few weeks, if not everyday depending on the conditions in the fields. Today was a beautiful day to get this done, I’m sure my rain coat and muck boot wearing days aren’t far away though…this is Oregon after all!

Winter Blast 2014!

If you can believe it, Oregon is looking to shut down once again due to WINTER STORM 2014!  Let the fear set it Oregonians, bundle up your loved ones, put chains on your cars, but for heavens sake don’t drive anywhere, tie a rope to the barn, we may get up to 3 inches of snow!!

It’s already sticking to the hazelnut trees!!

Hazelnut Trees & SnowYes all you Midwest folks I can hear your laughter from here!! 😉 And yes…ok…it did get a little tiny bit worse here over the course of the afternoon yesterday.  And I’m sure those of you who don’t live in the most tropical region of the banana belt like I do, did see some pretty good snow.

Snowy Hazelnut OrchardSnowy Windmill

I heard from a farmer from one of those “I” states, that he is running out of room and places to push the snow…that’s how piled up they are!  Well I’m off to get the snow plow warmed up!

Some Crazy Weather

We had some wild weather here yesterday in the Willamette valley.


Even poor Yukon hunkered down for the storm!

Have a great Friday!! I’m off this weekend for a tour of farms all over northwest Oregon with Oregon Young Farmers and Ranchers. Should have some good photos and information next week!

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