Farmer/Wedding Planner

As most of you who have been following my blog for awhile know, I was engaged to the man of my dreams last year.  And since then we have been planning a wedding.  And as the saying goes, smaller the town…bigger the wedding!  So our intimate gathering of over 500 people will be this Saturday…I can hardly believe it!

I have to admit it hasn’t been easy having my dad take a step back in management, challenging me to step up in my career while at the same time knowing that the wedding day was going to come much faster than I realized.  So I took it one day at a time, asked my dad to be patient when I couldn’t work on a Saturday because I had appointments to try on wedding dresses, get my hair trial done, makeup trial done, pick up the wedding dress…the list goes on and on for prep work! And now we are finally here…six days away!  But where dad took a step back from management, he very quickly took on a large role with my mom of making sure the farm was just right for the big day.  And it is looking incredible thanks to all of their very hard work!!!

It’s been interesting keeping the farm running smooth while planning for one day of our lives…one big day…but still ONE DAY!  My brain has been scattered with details of irrigation timing mixed with linen choices, and dealing with a broken down tractor while at the same time on the phone with our caterer, or wiping grease off my hands on my way to pick up my wedding dress…let’s just say that I’m glad this juxtapose of life only happens once! And I’m glad I have some great workers by my side to keep me straightened out most of the time!

So all that being said, things are going to continue to be a bit wild over at Kirsch Family Farms World Headquarters for a few more days.  And if you call to ask me about wheat, I may think it’s for our center pieces, not for loading on a barge.  Or if you ask about how the rust is looking (fungus that grows in our fields) I may just assume that you’re talking about our rustic country theme.  Bear with us…the big day is just about here and it’s going to be incredible!

Some Great News!!!

Well I’ve written before about this fisherman that I’m in love with, and let’s just say that we have some exciting news to share!  We are engaged!!!  It happened last Thursday on a beautiful night out on the prairie.  It was the first night I was done sitting in a combine for hours and hours, the air was warm, we pulled the hot rod out of the garage, got a few treats at Dairy Queen and hit the open road.  We made it out to a piece of our farm where you can see the sunset perfectly, and this time of year with all the farmer’s dust flying, the colors were brilliant!

We were sitting there, enjoying our ice cream and just chatting about life, about how nice it was to not be in a tractor at that moment, and how nice it is having our lives mesh together.  The next thing I know he’s telling me how happy he is, how he knows that I want to get married to him someday and how great that is going to be.  I agreed and sat there smiling looking at the fading sun slip beneath the horizon.  Then he says, “So this is as good of time as any to do it I suppose…”  My head whips around and I instantly said with shock, “To do WHAT??”  He took both my hands and said, “Will you marry me?”  I said, “Noooo, What?!, Huh?!  Are you kidding?!”  Pretty much everything but yes, which he reminded me of about 15 minutes later when I had made all sorts of excited noises that eluded to a yes, but didn’t quite confirm it!

Then he pulled out the ring and I saw that it was my grandma Clara’s.  It was about all I could take.  You see I’m about the most sentimental person in the world and having that ring on my finger made me see just how much this man sitting next to me really knows me so well.  At first he said that he wanted to do something huge and crazy for the the proposal, but truthfully we fell in love out in the fields on this prairie, it couldn’t have been more wonderful or more “us”.

We have had a great time spreading the news to our friends and family and seeing how happy everyone is for us.  I could write books about how far him and I have both come to get to this point in our lives, as happy as we are, and as in love as we are.  It’s been a journey with a lot of rough roads, u-turns and detours, but we finally have that moment when we realize that it’s all worth it…anything would be worth getting here to this point.  We’re so excited to start our new lives together!

Also Happy Labor Day to everyone!!  Hope you’re all enjoying some time off 🙂

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