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Wordless Wednesday…What we are up to Today

15 Aug

Still Pollinating the Squash…

Working Ground to get ready to plant…

Loading the Spreader to get ready to bait for mice…

Irrigating the baby Filbert trees…

Flailing the Perennial Grass Seed Fields…

Actually spreading the mouse bait on our fields…

Unloading some Wheat…

Liming a few fields…I’d keep going…but it’s only 10am and if I don’t put this camera down I might not get any work done today 🙂  What are you up to today??

It’s harvest…It’s Dirty

8 Aug

This was an especially filthy day for me, as I was downwind while unplugging a combine.  Matt was there too, obviously he chose the smarter side to dig out!

Bugs of Summer

1 Aug



Lady bugs eat aphids off the wheat.



Bees pollenize our squash.


And crazy hopper bugs move in for harvest.

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