Sunday…Work day?

Spring planting is always a bit stressful.  You can usually plan to have dry days, but trying to get enough dry days in a row and in the correct window for us to plant crops for the cannery can always be a bit difficult.  We were looking at 55 acres of pea ground, it had been worked down, fertilized and just needed to be planted as soon as possible.  So dad and I decided that with rain on the horizon, a contract to fulfill, we just didn’t get to have the luxury of caring that it was daylight savings morning and I was wanting to sleep in WAY more than head to work Sunday morning.  But as they say…You make hay when the sun shines.  We more often say, even if the sun isn’t out, it isn’t raining so LET’S GO!!

2013-03-09_15-00-02_314So dad and I set out, with 55 acres of dirt ahead of us and rain in the forecast.

2013-03-09_15-00-25_750We filled the drill about 5 times yesterday…

2013-03-09_15-26-24_372I rode on the back, making sure to hold on, harrows being pulled behind don’t look too forgiving while you’re driving along!

2013-03-09_16-37-35_63And dad drove, he loves to drive the planter!  I am pretty sure I will have to pry the steering wheel from his cold dead hands haha!

2013-03-09_16-37-30_22Plus he drives straighter than I do!

All in all it was a great day.  Usually when you work on Sundays around our farm, a higher power reminds you why you shouldn’t be out working.  We have had a tire fall off a combine on a Sunday, a hay truck go up in flames, small fires starting on some harvest equipment, you get the drift here.  But we finished up, high-fived and said, “Bring on the rain!” right as it started to sprinkle.  Sometimes you get those good breaks and this Sunday was one of them!

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