The Sun Is…or WAS shining! Spring is here!

It has been a beautiful start to spring here in Oregon.  I say that while staring outside to the pouring rain and wind, but I promise you, it has been beautiful the past week…just not today!  When the soil starts to warm up plants are usually very responsive and start to grow like crazy!  Remember those peas we planted just a few Sunday’s ago? Well here is an update on how they are doing…

2013-04-03_07-36-25_5462013-04-03_07-36-32_8642013-04-03_07-36-38_378These peas will be harvested in June.  We grow them for a company that will harvest them and then Instant Quick Freeze (IQF) them to be put in grocery store freezers everywhere!

The hazelnut or filbert trees are also starting to wake up and shoot some leaves out!

2013-04-02_14-34-31_356 2013-04-02_14-34-44_142

We were also able to sneak away one Sunday morning at 5am to head down to the river to try to catch some Springer Salmon!  Although we didn’t get to bring anything home, you still can’t beat a beautiful morning out on the water!

2013-03-31_07-06-51_1842013-03-31_07-07-05_5042013-03-31_06-45-08_5122013-03-31_07-14-34_588Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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